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Picture of Donald DeanHi!

Thanks for visiting this website and wanting to know a little bit about me.

As a kid growing up in Wichita, Kansas, I had a strong desire to earn extra money, be independent and have my own business.  My first opportunity to do this began with a Lawn Mowing service for my neighbors. 

I was quite surprised at how fast the business grew, but as I look back, I now realize why it was such a success.  I had a strong desire to do a good job, be fair with my customers, and not overcharge.  Or to state it another way, I "Put My Customers First". This worked so well that I never had to advertise because "word of mouth" brought in all of the business I could handle.

My dad, who was a US Army drill Sergeant, loved to give advice.  One of the things he told me many times and that I have always lived by, is:

"Whatever you decide to do in life, be the best that you can be".

I worked in the Construction industry for awhile, but after realizing how much I enjoyed working with a omputer, I wanted to learn more about them and the technology so decided to go to school and get a Computer Science degree.

At Wichita State University, I graduated with a  Computer Science degree and a minor in Mathematics.

I was then hired by The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company of Wichita as a Computer Analyst.

Picture of 747While at Boeing, I started a home business and used my personal computer to create computer graphics and slide presentations for business professionals.  Most of my clients were professionals who spoke at conferences and taught classes, so  the final products had to be professional looking.

Times were tough and when the economy tanked, Boeing laid off thousands and I was one of them.  But my love of computers and the Internet had not diminished.  So ever since I have been developing web sites and learning more about website programming, graphics, digital photography and really enjoying it.

I wish you the Best and hope you fulfill your dreams in these challenging economic times. 

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Donald Dean

Best Wishes!

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