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Save Money on Groceries,
on Gasoline and All Around Your Home

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You Don't have to make Major Sacrifices!
You can Save Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars by making Simple Changes in the Way You Live. 

  • Even as the Price of Groceries
    Continues to Rise, There is Hope!

    With the right information your food budget is an area where you can always Save Money by becoming a Savvy Shopper.
  • With the High Cost of Fuel it's hard to find more money to fill up your tank. But with Insider Information that the average person is not aware of you can Save Money by making the Most out of every drop you put in your tank.
  • There are a Multitude of Places in
    your Home where you can Save Money

    Save on Water Usage, Appliances and Home Heating by making Simple Lifestyle Changes.
  • Discover Hundreds of Tips and Tricks
    that will not only Help Save You Money,  but Help You Save it in a GREEN WAY.

All a Person needs is the Right Information to start Saving Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars!

Start Saving Money TODAY!

Are you tired of throwing away your Hard Earned Money on Books that:

  • Contain nothing of value?
  • Are so poorly written that they read like they were written by a second grader?
  • Are poorly formatted, have no graphics, no headings, no paragraph breaks.
  • Repeat the same things over and over just to fill up the pages with text to make you feel like you got a lot for your money?

Well, so am I!

I have purchased books like that and am sick and tired of throwing away my money.  These economic times are a major challenge for almost everyone so many people are looking for easy to read material with easy to follow tips that will help them save a bunch of money.

This is the kind of material we all want, so I spent months doing research, finding good material and added experiences from my own life that reveal all of the best ways to Save Money.  It's all been put together in a format that is Easy to Read, Easy to Understand and offers Quality Information.

Because there was so much good information, what I ended up with was not just one book on how to Save Money, but a bundle of 4 Great Books, that together, give you literally Hundreds of Ideas, Tips and Tricks on How to Save Hundred of Dollars on Groceries, on Gasoline, on Utilities and many other areas Around Your Home.

Not only will you get Quality Content with these Books,
but the pages are easy on your eyes.

They contain graphics and headings, have readable fonts and are in plain English so your reading experience will be a pleasant one.

NOW, for a limited time, you can get this Bundle of Money Saving Books at a Greatly Reduced Price.

Start Saving Money TODAY!

Here's What You Get in this Money Saving Book Bundle!

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  "Save Money on Groceries"

There are Always ways to reduce your Spending on Food.

The Cost of Food is one of the biggest expenses in a typical family budge, second only to housing expense.

How can you afford to feed yourself and your family healthy, quality food when the cost of everything else is also going up?

If you are trying to find ways to cut back on your expenses, There is Hope!

With the right knowledge, a little preparation and some legwork, you can be a savvy shopper and not only keep your grocery bills from rising, but Drastically Reduce Them.

A lot of this book is based on my own personal experiences.  I've been grocery shopping for almost 40 years and have seen just about every trick that the Grocery Stores use to get you to spend more money.

By implementing the strategies explained in this book,
I've Cut my own Grocery Bill in Half!

YES, that's a Reduction in my own Grocery Expenses by 50%

Here's What You will Learn in this Book:

bullet Something you should always take with you when you shop, that will help you save Money.
bullet How to Plan Your Meals with a Weekly Menu
bullet Understanding Store Strategies and how they try to Make you Buy More.
bullet How to Prepare Yourself Before You Go Grocery shopping
bullet Are Food Coupons really worth your time?
bullet What is a Price Book and how it can help you Save a Bundle!
bullet A Special Way of buying groceries that will help you save even more.
bullet Know the kinds of Foods that are truly Budget Busters
bullet A Special kind of Market where you can get Healthy Foods at Reasonable Prices.
bullet Something you should have when you Buy Food in Bulk
bullet How to Eat Healthy and still be Thrifty
bullet How to Think Outside the Box when you Shop

And that's not all. At the end of this book I have a section listing 50 additional ways to save money on Food.

According to the U.S. Statistical Abstract, an average family spends over $6,000 on food in a year. That is about $118 per week.
So if you could save $20 a week on your grocery bill,  that is
Over $1000 a year!

So quit wasting Money on Groceries and find out how you can Save 20%, 30% 40% or more!

$16.95 Value

Start Saving Money TODAY!

gold star graphic Money Saving Book #2 gold star graphic

 "Save Money on Gasoline"

This is The Thrifty Person's Way of Stretching Every Drop of Fuel In Your Tank.

With the high cost of filling up your tank, it's hard to find more money to spend on fuel when the cost of everything else is going up.

All a person needs is the right information and knowledge of the Tips and Tricks that the average person is not aware of.

Here's Just a Few of the Tips You'll Find in this Money Saving and Gas Saving book:

bullet A little known figure about gas mileage that you can use to save money on your taxes.
bullet The amount of your fuel that is wasted every time you use your car.
bullet An easy way to let credit cards save you up to $300/year on gas.
bullet A little known secret about what time of day you should buy gas to get the most for your money.
bullet How to use the Internet to save you money at the gas pump.
bullet How to use coupons when buying gas to make sure your money stays in your bank account.
bullet How money-saving drivers know when their car or truck needs to be serviced in order to get better gas mileage.
bullet The insider's secret to buying higher quality gas based on the number of people filling up at a station.
bullet A secret move to use with the nozzle to save nearly a half cup of gasoline that you've already paid for.
bullet What really happens when you drive on empty.
bullet How to avoid certain gas stations that will clog your fuel filter.
bullet What really happens to your fuel efficiency when you don't service your car regularly.

And there's much more!

$12.95  Value

Start saving money TODAY!

gold star graphic Money Saving Book #3 gold star graphic

 "Save Money At Home"

Every day we are bombarded with messages that tell us how to save money.

Zero Percent Down, Half Off and Two for One are everyday sales incentives that we constantly hear over the television, radio and see on billboards.

As relentless as these solicitations are, the reality is that very few of them  will actually save you any money.

Quite to the contrary, they are designed as a call to action so you will grab your credit card and spend, spend and spend!

Can you spend wisely and save more? Yes, you can. But, you must train yourself to become a disciplined buyer and  learn to be an intelligent saver.

This book is just what you need to identify the areas where you can really save significant amounts of money. You will Learn:

bullet How to save on Insurance
bullet How to save on Auto Loans
bullet How to save on Mortgage Loans
bullet How to save on Credit Cards
bullet How to save on Gasoline
bullet How to save on Car Repairs
bullet How to save on Home Improvement
bullet How to save on Home Heating and Energy
bullet How to save on Phone Service
bullet How to save on Major Appliances
bullet How to save on Discount Furniture
bullet How to save on Clothing
bullet How to save on Groceries
bullet How to save on Vacations
bullet How to save on Prescription Drugs

When you buy on sale, you usually save money, but not always. There are other nuances that you need to consider.

Saving money isn’t just about buying on sale. You need to educate yourself on how to save money on the small things, as well as everyday expenses where you don't think about saving.

So Stop Spending more than you should and START SAVING Today!

$12.95 Value

Start Saving Money TODAY!

gold star graphic Money Saving Book #4 gold star graphic

  "Save Money and Be Green"

Most Americans think that Being Green is Not Easy

Actually, it's easy being Green if you just have the Right Information.

This book shows you Over 100 Ways How you can SAVE MONEY and also BE GREEN.

  • No matter what lifestyle you have today, everything you need to know about saving money and being friendly to the planet is in this book
  • No matter how much you already know, there's a ton of stuff you don't know. Without being aware of it, you are probably unknowingly wasting many resources - and money - that you could so easily save.

Just by making some simple changes in your lifestyle you can reap huge benefits:

They include things like:

bullet How to save heat and energy by boiling water properly -
bullet How to save 15% of your household's water consumption with a simple device that costs next to nothing
bullet How to save 10% in energy costs when dry your clothes by throwing in one item in every load.
bullet How to save an additional 5% off your electrical bill each year with the flick of a switch.
bullet How to save heat when you throw a party
bullet How to save 3,000 gallons of water each year without getting out of the shower sooner
bullet How to save up to 80% in fuel cost knowing which foods to buy
bullet How to reduce heat loss in windows up to 45% without upgrading your windows
bullet How to reduce your water usage by adding one little item to your soil while growing better looking plants
bullet How to reduce your computer energy needs by 20% by knowing which computer to buy
bullet How to save several hundred dollars per year in fuel by doing one simple thing before starting your car
bullet How to save about 175 pounds of paper yearly with simple and free methods

And this just scratches the surface of what's included!

$16.95 Value

Considering the months I've spent putting together this Bundle of Books, if I paid myself just minimum wage, this Bundle would be worth thousands of dollars

I could easily sell this Book Bundle for at least $100, but I know that these economic times are tough for most everyone and money is tight, so it's not going to cost you $100.

If you add up the prices listed on this page, you'll see that this Bundle normally sells for almost $60.  But for a short time, I'm offering this Bundle for much less than $60.

In fact, I'm not even going to charge you $40.

I want you to Save Money and have a Better Life and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get this Book Bundle, so for a limited time, you can get all 4 books for a
Special Discounted Price of $19.95

But you MUST ORDER NOW, before the price goes back up to the regular price!

Start Saving Money and think of all the things that you could be doing:

bullet Paying off your credit cards
bullet Investing in your child's college fund
bullet Investing in a retirement account
bullet Take a vacation
bullet Purchase something you've always wanted like a Plasma TV

Remember, you get all 4 Books in this Great Bundle and they all explain
How you can Save a Bunch of Money!

YES, I want to Save Hundreds of Dollars NOW and get

bullet Save Money on Groceries
bullet Save Money on Gasoline
bullet Save Money at Home
bullet Save Money and Be Green

Receive the entire Book Bundle for just one easy payment of

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Order NOW and Download these books immediately!

Get this Book Bundle before the Discount price ends!

You Have My Personal Guarantee

Donald Dean
Author of the Money Saving Book Bundle

My Personal 100% Money-Back
Customer Satisfaction

Dear Friend,

I want you to be as confident as I am and all of the satisfied customers who have purchase my Money Saving Book Bundle and are now saving tons of money. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want you to have the utmost confidence.

Graphic of 60 day guaranteeOrder this Money Saving Book Bundle Today,  Download the Books, Read them and put the Money Saving Tips and Tricks into practice.

Then within the first 60 days, if you are not completely convinced that this Money Saving Book Bundle is well worth it's price, then I want you to request a refund and I'll give you your money back, with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Plus, you can still keep all of the books for your trouble!

Actually, you should not have to worry about a refund. Why? Because once you start using the proven, money saving ideas you will discover in these books, I'm confident you will be able to save many times over, the cost of the books.  So the risk is all mine.

You won't believe how much money you will be able to save.

Donald Dean
Author of the Money Saving Book Bundle

Order NOW and Download these books immediately!

P.S. Take action and quit wasting money! Start saving money TODAY!

Get this Money Saving Book Bundle NOW and Start Saving!

Copyright Notice

NOTE: This Bundle of Money Saving Books is copyrighted material and is currently available for sale only through this website: SaveMoreofYourMoney.com

  • If any of these books or this book bundle is being sold by any other individual, company or entity, anywhere else on the Internet, be advised that it is being sold illegally.
  • Any violation of copyrights will be pursued to the full extent of the law; including, but not limited to reporting to eBay's Vero program, reporting the domain address to the domain registrar and/or ISP providers, and seeking legal punitive damages.
  • If you are aware of any possible illegal sales activity of these books or this book bundle, please notify Donald Dean through the Contact page on this website.

Order NOW and Download these books immediately!

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